Bach Flower Remedies

Hello from Melanie

Introduction to Bach Flower Remedies

Hello from Melanie!

Bach Flower essences are extracts from flowers, so they are very pure and natural.

The name comes from Dr. Edward Bach (1886 – 1936) who discovered this healing method at the beginning of the last century.

For more than 70 years these flower essences have proved useful for both children and adults for all kinds of emotional difficulties.

They have a positive effect on sleep problems, fear of failure, sadness, guilt, stress, anxiety and concentration problems.

They are among the many issues that can be dealt with. Bach Flower Essences have been successfully used with good results.

Flowers are picked at the point of full maturity or perfection. They are non-toxic and can be used in conjunction with other medication.

All about Bach Flower Remedies

The Spiritual Aspect of Bach Flower Remedies

As the flower essences come from nature, they have a high energy frequency. The remedies restore our energy, and harmony within ourselves. The Bach Flower Remedies help us on our path to wholeness.

How Bach Flower Essences work

Bach Flower Essences have the quality and ability to change a negative emotion into a positive one. For instance, a person with a low self-esteem will, after taking specific flower essences, start to believe in him or herself again and will be more self-confident dealing with the day-to-day things.

There is a “soul quality” to the essences. For example, if you feel hopeless and in despair, Gorse has the positive or soul quality to transform this into having renewed hope again.

The essences work with where you are and transform it, raising your frequency level too.

Negative emotions are not suppressed but turned into the opposite positive emotional state.

The Ethos of the Flower Essences

'Heal Thyself' is at the very heart of the Bach philosophy. “Treat the patient, not the disease.” (this leads to wholeness)

Every person is two things: a unique individual, and a vital and essential part of the greater unity, the greater whole.

Therefore, we can see that the spiritual aspect of the Remedies is as important as the practical application. The ethos behind them.

Do Bach flower remedies work?

There's no medical evidence to show that Bach Flower Remedies really work. But if they can make you feel even a little bit better, so what? Bach Flower Remedies come in tiny, dark brown bottles with names such as "honeysuckle", "clematis" or "crab apple" and can be purchase from a pharmacies and some high street stores.

Please be aware that no complementary therapy should be considered as an alternative to professional medical advice where necessary and no properly qualified complementary therapist would suggest that, neither would they suggest that you stop taking your medication etc. If you are taking medication you should consult the prescribing professional before you stop taking it.

Introducing the Bach Flower Remedies

There are 38 Bach flower remedies. Please note that each flower essence contains a minimal amount of alcohol for preservation. I have selected 10 to use. They are as follows:


The inability to say 'No'.


Lack of trust in one's own decisions.


Dreaming of the future without working in the present.


Discouragement after a setback.


Lack of confidence. Feel not as capable as others. Expecing failure.


Nervous or anxious of certain things.


Exhaustion following mental or physical effort.


Over-concern for the welfare of loved ones.


Uncertainty over one's direction in life.

Mixing instructions forFlower Essences

For Long Term Conditions:

For One Essence

Drop 2 drops onto the tongue, 4 times a day.

For Several Essences

Place into a 25ml or 30ml mixing bottle, 2 drops of each essence (up to a maximum of 6 or 7 different essences – you will probably find that 1-3 essences is satisfactory). Fill up with mineral water. For preservation, add a teaspoon of brandy or cider vinegar. Take 4 drops 4 times a day. If it is only for the short-term, you don’t need to use the alcohol.

Other Methods of Using the Essences

  • Place on pulse points (from the mixing bottle).

  • Mix into hand creams (from the mixing bottle).

  • Put into bath, up to 5 drops.

  • Use as a compress. Up to 5 drops in a bowl of water.

Usually, for long term issues, it takes 2-4 weeks to see positive changes.

For Short Term or Acute States:

For short-Term or Acute States

In a glass of mineral water, drop 2 drops of each essence. Up to 6 flower essences. (Remember less is often more). Drink at intervals throughout the day. Or in a hot drink. This is a quick-fix measure.

Initially, your emotions might come to the fore. Physically, there may be fatigue, headaches or a temporary rash. This is the body’s way of responding to the emotional awakening of the essences.

This usually passes within a day or so. If it is too strong, you can decrease the dosage frequency, or try a new flower essence.