Relaxation Courses

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a mind-body exercise system that is low-impact and suitable for all levels of fitness and capability. It consists of a series of gentle postures and movements performed in a slow, graceful manner, some of which are ‘dance-like’ with continuous flow while others are more static and repetitive. This course will give you an introduction to Tai Chi. The benefits accrue as the course progresses and are enhanced by practice at home.


These sessions have the potential to be life changing and are based on meditation techniques. You will practise techniques in a relaxed environment and develop an understanding of how to work with your mind and emotions to bring about mental health and well-being.

The course leader, Sagara, is an experienced teacher of Mindfulness and is able to create an environment where you will be supported to work with your own needs. This course will involve some formal sitting in meditation, some group discussion, and participants will be expected to engage with the meditation at home between sessions.

Aromatherapy & Massage

This course will give you the basic skills to begin safely using essential oils for personal use and in the home. As well as giving you the freedom to create your own personalised and fragrant skin, bath and body care.

You will also learn to perform a basic hand, arm, neck, and back massage which will give you the feeling of wellbeing in a supportive and friendly environment.

Mindful Walking

Rays of sunshine, skies of blue, sands of time, deep blue sea, natures gifts for you and me. We’ll walk a slow pace amongst the trees take in the views and feel the breeze, healing energy colour of green beautiful flowers everywhere to be seen. Body and mind its time to unwind at peace once again, to yourself be kind. Roker, Seaburn, Whitburn and more, come journey with me, its time to explore.


Hydrotherapy and relaxation has been proven to have many beneficial effects on your body and mind. Warming body tissues Improving blood circulation Feeling of relaxation Reducing stress.