Check out these Recovery Based Courses!!

Who am I...?

This course is an opportunity to learn about spirituality and yourself. We all have different paths to share through illness and recovery, loss and growth. The course is not about promoting a particular belief system or religion, but recognises that we draw on shared values and wisdom to understand the world, both together and from our own unique perspective.


This course is based around building a Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and will help you to identify your wellness toolkit for recovery. The course involves a number of short, fun and engaging activities which we hope will encourage you to think about who you are and how you interact with others whilst gaining the tools to complete your own WRAP.

We aim for everyone to finish the course with an understanding of your own personal journey of recovery and what it means to you, whilst having fun along the way!

Recovery through Words

To live in hope is essential to us all and your story can be an important part of your recovery journey and the overall healing process. In this course you will have the opportunity to recount your unique story in your own way.

There will be opportunities to tell your story out loud to others in the group, as well as through poetry and other forms of writing. You will be supported in developing confidence to speak out loud and develop practical writing skills and techniques.

This course requires a high level of resilience because hearing others’ stories and thinking about your own journey can trigger feelings of discomfort. However, we aim to have fun on this course and celebrate how far we have come.