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Growing Plants

Propagation, development and how plants help us.

We talk to them, care for them and take them for granted. In this course we will explore the structure of plants, dissect and grow them, investigate their reproduction, defence and survival.

Expect to be hands on but NOT in the allotment.

More like plant pot and hand lens. Growing plants has been linked to relaxation and reducing anxiety which can contribute to good mental health.

No prior knowledge is needed. I will use a variety of fun activities to present information, which can then be discussed and expanded upon as needed.

The course will be sensitive to individual needs and experience.

It is designed to help you to understand plants and grow them successfully.

Topics may include: Propagation and reproduction; house plants, bulbs, corms and tubers; herbs, spices and plant based medicines; germination, growth and development.

Fulwell Community Resource Centre, Fulwell Road, Sunderland, SR69QW

Starting: Tuesday 21st March 2023
Sessions: 8
Time: 10:00am to 12:00pm

ENROLMENT STARTS: Monday 9th January 2023 to Friday 13th 2023 to enrol contact 07717851268 or 07867278562 or 07500551869 or you can visit us at the college.

Walking Group

Why not give yourself a boost, get outside and keep active. Sunderland is steeped in history with many hidden treasures. A new walk each week will discover the most interesting parts of our city’s past, present and future and a great opportunity for photography enthusiasts. A different guide book will be provided for each walk. There will be 8 walks in total and no walk will be over 3.5 miles.