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Holistic Health

NEW Holistic Health Course:

Find out about holistic health with these new topics:

Colour Therapy: Explore the meaning of colours and how they can help us.

Flower Therapy: Bach flowers and flower meanings.

Reiki Awareness: Learn what Reiki is all about.

Aromatherapy: The benefits of essential oils.

Come and join us in a relaxed environment to explore these new topics.

Fulwell Community Resource Centre, Fulwell Road, Sunderland, SR69QW

Starting Friday 6th May


To enrol contact 07717851268 or 07867278562 or 07500551869

Sleep Awareness

Sleep and mental health are closely connected.

Lack of sleep affects your psychological state and mental health.

We all have nights when it’s hard to fall asleep or we find ourselves waking up several times.

Most sleep problems sort themselves out within a month, but longer stretches of bad sleep can seriously affect our lives.

Self-help techniques can get you back to a more normal sleeping pattern.

Fulwell Community Resource Centre, Fulwell Road, Sunderland, SR69QW

Starting Monday 13th June


To enrol contact 07717851268 or 07867278562 or 07500551869

Healthy Body Healthy Brain

This is an opportunity for students to find out a bit more about what our organs do. We will explore structure, function and health. Knowing how your body works has a key role to play in reducing anxiety and promoting good mental health. Activities will be fun and hands on. We will look at organs from the butchers, but this is optional. The course will be sensitive to individual needs and no prior knowledge is expected. You can decide how involved you want to get, just listen or share ideas and ask questions.

Topics may include: Cells, organs, systems; areas of the brain and their function; healthy heart, blood, transfusions and common blood diseases; lung function and health; genes, chromosomes and genetic disease.

Come and join us and enjoy exploring the world of science

Work Life Balance

Before you give up on your work life balance dream, get clear around the reasons why work life balance is important.

Because understanding why work life balance is important isn’t just nice to know, but necessary for creating a balanced life.

And the need for work life balance is more important than ever. Especially given the unpredictable, often under-pressure workplace environment and the added blurring of lines between work and personal because of the need to work from home more often due to COVID.

The human brain isn’t meant to feel stressed-out and under pressure all the time.

Creating more balance in your life gives you breathing space to think, which allows your subconscious thoughts to bubble up to the surface.

That will help you to better understand your feelings, know your thoughts, and actually deal with them (instead of allowing them to stay pent up within, ready to blow up at the most inopportune moment).

But here’s the thing: if you want to have a more balanced life then it’s important to understand what balance even is. Because most people get it wrong.

Come and join us to explore work life balance.

You do not have to be in work to enrol on this course as the course will support you to look at ways to develop work life balance if you hope to be employed in the future or you would like to become a volunteer.